I can provide consultancy, advice, guidance, education to companies and individuals involved in researching, developing, producing and marketing products for healthy ageing, anti-ageing, and lifespan prolongation. Such companies can be those involved in:

– Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals

– Nutriceuticals and functional foods

– Natural supplements and health foods

– Aesthetic surgery, implants, injections, fillers and more

– Educational and health care advice

– Science writing, publication and communication



Kinetin – an example of a successful story – from molecules to products


My areas of expertise for providing consultancy include the following:

  • cosmetics and cosmeceuticals
  • nutriceuticals and functional foods
  • Natural herbs and other biological sources from traditional folk medicine systems, such as Ayurveda, TCM and others
  • Hormetin – natural and synthetic molecules which work through hormesis
  • Physical and mental hormetins, such as exercise, sauna, mental activity, meditation…


I can plan, monitor, supervise, interpret, present and communicate your research projects and results.

Such assignments can be taken up either in my own labs through collaborative research projects supported by your financial grants, or in outside commercial labs under my supervision.

An example of successful consultancy/collaboration is the development of Vaxin for Youth by Givenchy