The following questions can be our way into the science, philosophy and ethics of ageing research and interventions. I can help you in discovering your own answers to these, and make up your own mind about this important subject.

I may be making 60 second videos about each of these questions, and put those on YouTube etc in time…



1. When does ageing begin – socially, psychologically and biologically?

2. How long should we live?

3. Is ageing a disease?

4. Healthy ageing or anti-ageing – what is your preference?

5. What is good about becoming old – or, is there anything good about old age? 

6. Can we become immortal; will we become immortal; should we become immortal?

7. Is talking about immortality and eternal youth a valid scientific question?

8. One organ/system in the body that you would like to keep in a perfect condition for ever?

9. Do we need any “bio-markers” of ageing; what about social-markers and a psychological markers of ageing and old age?

10. What is a “good” life in old age?

11.  What do old people want in old age?

12. Do the priorities of researchers match with those of the old people?

13. How do we recognize a YOUNG, HEALTHY, and BEAUTIFUL person – physically, biologically, psychologically and socially?

14. How do we recognize an OLD and HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL person – physically, biologically, psychologically and socially?

15. How can we test a potentially immortalising pill?

and finally, tell us a nice joke about ageing and old age (it should not be racist or anti-women or anti-any-particular community or anti-physically challenged people)