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Something special and unique: my video series of Conversations on Age and Ageing, done in Punjabi, first as live-streaming on Facebook during the corona2020 times ,and then saved on my YouTube Channel, freely accessible to all…  at this link.

2. Here is a link to a series of 15 video recordings that I made for Misha Sakharoff’s courses – each video is about 5-6 minutes long and systematically takes us through the whole subject of age and ageing

3. From November 2017, I have started to write a blog series titled LIVING IN OLD AGE, which can be accessed at ThriveGlobal by clicking on the links here

Living In Old Age-1: Coming Face to Face

Living In Old Age-2: When Did I become Old?

There are 5 more in this series….

A video of a short interview for ØstJysk Senior TV, based on my Tænkepause book ALDER – shown first time in February 2017

Video of my ca. 83 min long conversation, interaction with the audience at Nørrebro Theatre, Copenhagen on 8 January 2017 (YouTube)

My book in Danish, ALDER, in the Aarhus University Press’ series Tænkepause, can also be heard as audio-book here, very nicely and clearly read by a professional reader

My provocative YouTube videos on STOP AGEING IN TWO MINUTES with SURESH RATTAN (November-December 2015)


The link to all the 13 videos playlist is here, and individual links are given below

Video 1: What this series is all about

Video 2: Three magic pills

Video 3: Food to stop ageing now

Video 4: Food for pleasure

Video 5: Food in moderation

Video 6: Variety in food

Video 7: The second pill(ar)

Video 8: Stress of choice – hormesis

Video 9: Nutritional and mental hormetins

Video 10: Practicing hormetics

Video 11: Mental and social engagement

Video 12: Maintaining health

Video 13: The final sum up and recounting

A3 minute video from the International Conference on Dose Response, at UMASS, Amherst, 2011, introducing our work on the development of a hormetin-based cosmetic

An 8-minute video from the start of the 11th Annual Welcoming Lecture to the newly starting students at the science and technology faculty, Aarhus University

A 57-minute lecture/discussion held at the Science Hub event, in Athens, Greece, 8 February 2016


A 30-minute interview for the local Danish TV, (ITV-Øst Jylland), January 2016, (in English)

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