My Videos

Something special and unique: my video series of Conversations on Age and Ageing, done in Punjabi, first as live-streaming on Facebook during the corona2020 times, and then saved on my YouTube Channel, freely accessible to all…  at this link. My YouTube channel can be accessed freely at

Here is a link to a series of 15 video recordings that I made for Misha Sakharoff’s courses – each video is about 9 minutes long and systematically takes us through the whole subject of age and ageing

I have also written a short blog series titled LIVING IN OLD AGE, which can be accessed at ThriveGlobal by clicking on the links here

Living In Old Age-1: Coming Face to Face

Living In Old Age-2: When Did I become Old?

There are 5 more in this series….

A video of a short interview for ØstJysk Senior TV, based on my Tænkepause book ALDER – shown first time in February 2017

Video of my ca. 83 min long conversation, interaction with the audience at Nørrebro Theatre, Copenhagen on 8 January 2017 (YouTube)

My book in Danish, ALDER, in the Aarhus University Press’ series Tænkepause, can also be heard as audio-book here, very nicely and clearly read by a professional reader

My provocative YouTube videos on STOP AGEING IN TWO MINUTES with SURESH RATTAN (November-December 2015)


The link to all the 13 videos playlist is here, and individual links are given below

Video 1: What this series is all about

Video 2: Three magic pills

Video 3: Food to stop ageing now

Video 4: Food for pleasure

Video 5: Food in moderation

Video 6: Variety in food

Video 7: The second pill(ar)

Video 8: Stress of choice – hormesis

Video 9: Nutritional and mental hormetins

Video 10: Practicing hormetics

Video 11: Mental and social engagement

Video 12: Maintaining health

Video 13: The final sum up and recounting

A3 minute video from the International Conference on Dose Response, at UMASS, Amherst, 2011, introducing our work on the development of a hormetin-based cosmetic

An 8-minute video from the start of the 11th Annual Welcoming Lecture to the newly starting students at the science and technology faculty, Aarhus University

A 57-minute lecture/discussion held at the Science Hub event, in Athens, Greece, 8 February 2016


A 30-minute interview for the local Danish TV, (ITV-Øst Jylland), January 2016, (in English)

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