Oct 072013


Some links to photoalbums in Google Picasa: A mixture of scientific collegues and friends:


Some photos from the World Congress of Gerontology, Paris, France, July 5-9, 2009.


with Robin Holliday


The session: Why We Age – The Modern Synthesis: Robin Holliday, Len Hayflick (Chairmen); Bruce Carnes, Jay Olshansky, and Suresh Rattan (speakers)

P1050085with Caleb Finch;


Mrs&Mr Lesdislas Roberts, Robin Holliday

Some other nice memories….


My mentors: Suraj P Sharma, GNDU, Amritsar (1973-1977); Sivatosh Mookerjee, JNU, New Delhi (1977-1979); Robin Holliday, NIMR, London (1979-1982); Brian Clark, Aarhus University (1984-2008)



Noam Chomsky in MIT 2003; Zhores Medvedev in Aarhus 1986; Elie Wiesel in Dubai WEF 2008; Luc MOntagnier, Palermo 2010



Anastasia Derventzi in Nafplion Greece 2006; Lu Sang in Epidavros, Greece 2006; and Chhali with Zeenia and Renu in Istanbul in 2006

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